How to clean sofa?

Nov 23, 2012 by

When buying a luxurious leather furniture should be aware of some rules of care for the surface. With proper cleaning sofas natural material does not lose its original appearance and luster. So how do you wash the dirt from the surface of the leather?

You will need

-Soft cloth,
- Stearic sponge
- Rubbing alcohol,
- Natural soap
- Adhesive tape,
- Liquid detergent
- Natural cow milk.

If you visit or any liquid accidentally spilled on a leather sofa, immediately go for the cloth and try to eliminate the surplus, no bones about it. Do not let the spreading and penetration into base filler couch. To start dab the stain with a soft cloth several times, then wipe the surface of the furniture wet flannel or cotton cloth. If the sofa spilled red wine, treat stains easily soluble alcohol. Learn more about cleaning.
Many parents of young children are interested in the same question: how to clean a leather sofa from pens and ink from pens left behind after your children Arts. Traces of the pens can wash with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Then treat pollution stearic sponge. Ink from a pen easily removed with adhesive tape or duct tape. Stick it on the spot, press firmly and pull. If there were small traces, Wash them with liquid detergent (washing up liquid or liquid soap).
Wash leather sofa can be the people’s ways. According to rumor, leather furniture like natural cow milk. Dampen a soft sponge in warm milk, gently squeeze and rub the sofa. Due to the impact of a natural and organic products, skin will be shiny and soft.
Stains from tea, coffee and dirt should be removed from the surface of a leather sofa clean, damp cloth. Then soak a cotton ball in a solution of water and natural soap and rub the stain in a circular motion. Then remove with a damp cloth remnants of soap and wipe with a dry cloth. You should not not press hard and rub. Do not use for the treatment couch acetone, turpentine, or abrasive powders.
In furniture store you can buy special cleaning and maintenance products for skin care. Careful and regular maintenance of your furniture will last for many decades and look at 100%.

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