U.S.: Republicans attack on trade unions

May 10, 2012 by

U.S.: Republicans attack on trade unions

Interior intuition did not fail fans of Russian conspiracy. Of course, the Arab revolution were at hand to the United States. They allowed Washington to hide from the eyes of world public opinion the nightmare that is happening in the U.S. for two months. Nearly half the states, from California to the huge a tiny Massachusetts – are covered by the mass protests. In some places the number of participants in the hundreds of thousands of people. Protesters break into the administration building and blocked the work of local authorities. Opposition MPs are fleeing to neighboring states. Courts overwhelmed with claims that the authorities organize a vote in parliament feverish state to the cries of “shame” and the Democrats and Republicans hastily collecting signatures to recall each others record number of MPs.

Everything that is happening – a kind of revenge on the Republican Party to President Obama. Until the next presidential election to wait almost another two years, so get rid of the Republicans can not Obama. But in November 2010 in the U.S. midterm elections were held, and since 2011 in many states for new leadership. In general, for a democratic republican. Its time to save the country from socialism at least at the local level and at the same time deprive the Democrats of one of the main support groups.

The authorities immediately 18 of the 50 U.S. states (in almost all the gubernatorial chair, and the parliament – under the control of the Republicans) have announced that they are going to cut right to the trade unions of state employees in order to defeat the budget deficit and reduce the debt of the states. In every state in this measure has its own nuances, but the essence is the same everywhere: to deprive unions of state employees opportunities to enter into collective bargaining with the employer, that is, with the government. Learn more about President.

Residents of continental Europe and especially Russia, such a measure would have seemed a real swinishness and insanity. After all, any person levomyslyaschemu clear that the restrictions on collective bargaining agreements of budget means one thing: the financial position of the doctors, teachers and other civil servants will get worse. No budget deficits and public debts that are not worth it. Cut the budget, what you want, but the salaries of teachers and doctors can not touch.

A similar opinion is shared by many residents of the United States. Among them, the president Obama, who condemned the massive states of the initiative and called it “an attack on unions.” Especially violent protests unfolded in Wisconsin. In the five millionth state of the streets of the state capital, Madison reached about 100 000 people. And came out a few times, not to mention the regular smaller meetings. For several weeks the protesters occupied the parliament building of the State, not allowing the MPs to vote for the crime amendments. By Michael Moore came to the provincial Madison, there to curse at a meeting of capitalists. On his solidarity with the protesters, said the American, respectively, the legendary Polish trade union “Solidarity”.

To save on the Wisconsin anti-union amendments, the opposition MPs Democrats fled to neighboring Illinois, depriving the Republican majority of the required quorum. But the crafty Republicans thrown out of the bill, all provisions relating to the expenditure of budgetary funds (which require a quorum), leaving only the anti-union restrictions, and adopted it by a simple majority vote. Thus, the trade unions of state employees of Wisconsin (excluding police and fire) have been unable to conclude collective agreements on any parameters, except for wages, the maximum growth that Republicans have limited the rate of inflation.

Now the opposition in Wisconsin has moved from the streets and the parliament to the courts. March 29 the court has temporarily suspended the entry into force of the new law because of procedural violations. But it back is unlikely to succeed. In Wisconsin, Republicans control the parliament and the governor, and they are determined to push through anti-union restrictions, because they believe – this adds to their popularity with American voters.

And it really adds. Americans – not Europeans. Thousands come to the union meeting, but millions calculate how much they have to pay taxes on the content of these state employees and their unions. Judging by the polls, most Americans believe that government should solve the budget problem is not with new taxes and borrowing, and reduce costs, reduce civil servants and even cut back trade union rights. And if they did not think so, then the Republican Scott Walker is unlikely to have received the most votes in the gubernatorial election in Wisconsin in 2010 because of his campaign explicitly told Walker that he was going to cut back staff, including through lower wages state employees.

Americans understand that the big budget spending on education and healthcare do not guarantee high quality of these services. But equalizing the conditions of collective labor agreements – is a reliable way to reduce the effectiveness of government spending. To prove this, the Republicans have made Wisconsin their banner young teacher Megan Sampson. In 2010 she won the title of “Best Young Teacher staff”, and then came under the reductions. The school where I worked with Megan, nothing could help his valuable employee. Terms of trade union collective bargaining agreement required that the reduction carried out by the youngest workers.

And the concept of unions of state employees are not very fit in with the concept of efficiency. It is one thing – a private company, where workers are, of course, want to pay more, but at the same time, fear of bankruptcy of their employer. Its quite another – state employees who have no such limitation. Moreover, the policy, by contrast, are interested in once again to raise their salaries – the best way to get more votes in upcoming elections. And the extremes are the taxpayers who are not in the deal between politicians and state employees, although the fund and of those, and others.

Several states, such as Texas and North Carolina have banned collective bargaining agreements with unions of state employees back in the 90s. And do not worry, there is no failure in sotsuslug it did not happen. Now it will be added to a dozen states where Republicans will push the new restrictions against the resistance of the Democrats, for whom trade unionists – the most reliable voters. And so, gradually, the trade unions of state employees, which now consists of about 36% of employment in this sector, will disappear from the U.S. economy. In the same way as in the past 50 years in the U.S. is actually extinct unions in the private sector (membership in them in 1960-2010. Dropped from 32% to 7%). In a developed economy, the employer is interested in a particular, unique employee not less than the employee in the employer, and they both have no desire to include even some of the bums out of the union.